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"For the love of Ra, what have we got here?!"

Ash: Ok, heres the thing, most of the fanart around here belongs to Steel, please don't steal  If anyone has any fanart they would like to have up here, send it to Steel, her e-mail address is:
Ok? Good...and I'll try and put it up as soon as I can ^^

Joey Wheeler
By Steel Girl

Steel: ^-^ I loved the expression, I had to draw it!

Chibi Yami Bakura
By Steel Girl

Steel: ^^ I drew this in a paint document...cute, eh?

Malik/Marik Ishtar
By Steel Girl

Steel: Hm, I messed up the fingers... ^^; I went over it in pen, just so you know

Ryou Bakura
By Steel Girl

Steel: Sorry that this is grainy -_-

Bandaged Yami Bakura
By Steel Girl

Steel: I think this is my best one so far! ^^

Yami Bakura
By Steel Girl

Steel: Get the feeling I like Bakura a lot? ^^;

The Bakura's And The Bunnies
By Steel Girl

Steel: Bakuras and Bunnies = Cuuuuute! o.o;

Yami Malik
By Steel Girl

Steel: Hm...I don't really like this one...
Ash: Huh? What are you on about? You love Malik!
Steel: Er...yeah...but I'm just not too fond of this one...
Ash: Um...if you say so...I like it anyway ^-^

My Angel
By Imi

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